Sunday, April 18, 2010

Miss República Dominicana 2010

Miss República Dominicana 2010 was held on 17 April 2010 in Santo Domingo. 36 contestants were competing in the event this year. The winner will represent Dominican Republic in Miss Universe 2010.

Official results of Miss República Dominicana 2010:
Miss República Dominicana 2010: Eva Arias (Espaillat)

1st Runner-up: Alma Álvarez (Samaná)

2nd Runner-up: Stéphanie Liriano (Dajabón)

Eva Carolina Arias Viñas, 24, 180cm, Howntown: Moca, is representing the state of Espaillat in the pageant. She also won 3 side awards, namely, Miss Internet, Miss VIP Laser Clinic & Miss Chica Traviesa.

The Official Pic of Eva Arias in the pageant

Eva's Modelling Pics:

Eva Arias is the biggest favourite to win the crown in Dominican Republic this year, all people in her country love her to win. I also watched the live telecast on the net this morning, Eva walked the walk and talked the talk, she deserved to win.
However, in some pics, I found her she looks like Sandra Bullock!


  1. shee is the best!
    i hope she win!!!:P

  2. I don't think so!she's artificial kind and her legs doesn't seems so good.Her know,clearly had surgery.Japan