Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Ecuador 2010

Miss Ecuador 2010 was held on March 25 in Quito, Ecuador. There were 16 candidates vying for the national title.
Here are the official results:

Miss Ecuador 2010 is Lady Mina, 23, 170cm, Hometown: Guayaquil
She will represent Ecuador in Miss Universe 2010

Miss Ecuador World 2010 is Ana Galarza, 20, 173cm, Hometown: Ambato
She will represent Ecuador in Miss World 2010

Miss Ecuador International 2010 is Andrea Suárez, 23, 180cm, Hometown: Loja
She will represent Ecuador in Miss International 2010

Adriana Creter, 19, 183cm, Hometown: Quito
In my opinion, she's the hot bombshell for this year's pageant. Tall and Beautiful.
She should have placed among the top 5.

State Costumes Parade:

The Swimsuit Competition: