Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miss Paraguay Universo 2009

According to the official website, Miss Paraguay Universo 2009 will be held on 10 July, let's meet some of their contestants

Official Website:

1. Dahiana Cubilla Lee, 178cm

(Dahiana Cubilla Lee, Right and Carmen Valdivieso)

2. Tamara Sosa, 182cm

3. Rebeca Fernández, 179cm

4. Carmen Valdivieso, 169cm, she was the 1st runner-up of Miss Hawaii and Tropic Paraguay 2005

5. Mareike Baumgarten, 172cm

6. Cinthia Romero, 174cm

7. Romina Bogado, 176cm


  1. 係呀...睇 forum 話佢母親係亞州人

    我好希望佢會贏啦 (唔好烏鴉口啦!)

  2. wow paraguay universo! seems all girls are very 'modelesque', excellent! the first one seems to be half chinese or korean. awesome....

    btw, miss venezuela 2009 is on its way, and sabrina bencomo, an international model, won the title of miss lara. she might do very well in mu if she won.

  3. Sabrina Bencomo is tall (179cm) and pretty, it was not difficult for her to win the state title. I like Miss Carabobo, Maria Jose Gonzalez, she's prettier!